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Artistic Life Studios

Creating art, for your excellent gift ideas.

Larry Capra aka zenabowli

   Artist ~ Product Designer ~ Photographer

Freestyle Guitarist


Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

“God’s greatest creation is the hand that obeys the intellect.” ~ Michelangelo

So, thank God for your surgeon…

Why do people buy art?

If your are anything like me, you find yourself looking for a gift that says something significant, and you want to express how special someone is to you.  Why not a work of art?  Original creations are growing in appreciation, and sought more frequently as each year go by.

It has recently come to my attention that people buy art for gifts more than they  do for themselves.  Some experts think the reason is because it’s easier to give art as a gift than it is to make personal decisions about what to buy or where to display it.  Guess I’ll have to give that one some thought.

corporations are a driving force in the art market

Apparently, corporations are a driving force in the art market because they give art as gifts to employees for tokens of appreciation.  Here’s a suggestion; how about the next time you’re lookin’ for a gift, buy art, buy American… even if it’s not my art, support an artist you know.


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