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First off, what is print on demand?  Print on demand is a service provided by print shops that are called fulfillment sites.  These sites will print the art that you choose and print it on the medium you choose, like canvas, high quality poster, t shirts, hand bags, greeting cards, etc.

It’s just like shopping at Amazon, they take PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and many more.  The print on demand service will ship to your home address, or another address that you’d choose for a gift recipient.

Listed further down the page are my merchant sites (virtual stores) where you can purchase items made at these “print on demand” websites.  Just like shopping at any other e-commerce site, such as Amazon or EBay, you will need to set up a membership account.  The sites listed are a few of the most reputable and secure e-commerce sites.

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fine-art-america-logo copyFine Art America is a print on demand service that has set a goal to become thee “go to place” for patrons of quality art prints. Although, they don’t have as many products available like Zazzle or Café Press. FAA has, instead, chosen to focus on fine quality prints and posters. They have an extensive selection of paper, as well as, canvas and metal printing. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, along with, matting and framing.

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I’m happy to announce that Etsy has made some major changes to their seller policies.  It is now possible to sell direct downloads of my images right from my virtual store at Etsy.  You still need to sign up for a free buyers membership.  Etsy’s checkout will accept credit cards, as well as Pay Pal. Keep a look out for new images on a regular basis.

Zazzle Button 1 BZazzle is a print on demand service with a large variety of printed products.  They print paper products like posters and greeting cards.  They also print ceramic and metal drinking mugs.  I think you’ll be amazed at their wide range of garments and accessories.  Zazzle requires a buyers membership—no different than Amazon or EBay.  You will get regular update notifications for discounts, bargains, and new products.

cafepress-logo copy
Cafepress is probably one of the first print on demand services.  They have a solid reputation, as well as, competitive prices.  They are a big favorite for printing company identification materials such as logos and banners on a wide variety of products.  For me personally, as a design artist, I found them to be the easiest to navigate when using their online software to publish my designs.  I’m confident the experiences is the same for Cafepress customers.

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Notice:  If you encounter any difficulties making purchases from any of these sites, please contact me personally.

Please include, in the comment section, what e-commerce site you are shopping at and what product you are attempting to purchase.  Thanks


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