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Just Me

Hi, my name is Larry Capra… I design products and ideas.

aka zenabowli.  From Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

Besides being a light sleeper, a creative outlier, and a misfit ontologist that likes travel, creativity, satire, and the unexpected novelties of living…  I’m a multi-disciplinary as well as a multi-medium artist, freestyle guitarist, product designer, and occasional blogger.  I work out of my home/studio in Northern Wisconsin.  A place where wolves run wild… like the imagination.


Check It Out

New Media Art

My websites, blogs, and social media sites are  not just forms of communication designed for the purpose of promoting my brand. They are, in essence, contemporary and evolving works of art. The term we use is “New Media” to describe the new digital content.

To my creative and entrepreneurial friends. 
Are you an independent artist, musician, or small business owner, lookin’ to develop your own online presence, but not sure where to start?  Maybe I can be of use to you.

I’m not a professional website builder, nor am I looking to hire myself out as one.  But, over the last decade I’ve researched and learned how to build my own sites.  If you are interested, I will share ideas with you on how to develop an online presence on a limited budget.  Don’t hesitate, feel free to contact me… we’ll talk.

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