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So, why digital art?

Once Andy Warhol was asked if his silkscreen process was cheating.  He simply stated, in his typical glib style… he does it “because it is easier.”  Well, it’s kind of like that for me too.  Hey now, don’t get me wrong.  I DO NOT think digital art is easy.  But, the creative trial and error process takes a lot less time.  This allows an artist to generate a lot of ideas in a much shorter period of time.  

Designing is an evolutionary process, and experimentation is at the core of that process.  The computer allows me to take the tedium out of my work by allowing me to make quick changes in shape, color, and composition when I work on a design.  Some folks might think using a computer cheating, but throughout history, artists have always adopted the use of new innovations… ‘like forever’.  Why should the computer, as a tool,  be any different?  Hell, we ran out of cave wall space millenniums ago.

For me, it’s not just easier.  It’s much faster, like horse and buggy compared to driving a car.  But, most important… I can work anywhere, and not be confined to just the studio.  I can take a laptop and camera anywhere in the world, produce art, and make it available to my patrons that shop at my online stores… all in ‘real time’.  Now that’s brilliant. One more thing to consider.  Digital art is the perfect medium for ecommerce; there is a greater likelihood that you will get what  you see on the screen in the printed format.  That’s not always the case with reproduced paint mediums.




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