Finally, Staked Out Territory at Deviant Art

For over a decade I’ve intended to post some of my computer graphics at Deviant Art, an art hosting site that also functions as a social media site among the artist community. Up until recently, I didn’t think I had anything that was ‘up to snuff’ enough to be shared with the Deviant Art community. Not poppin’ the Champaign just yet, but it’s a new beginning… should be fun.

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Very soon I’ll be posting these new works to be purchased on posters, canvas, t-shirts, and numerous other products.  They will be available at ‘FINE ART AMERICA’, a printing on demand fulfillment site. If you’d like, sign up to be contacted by me for updates, please do.  Also note, that Fine Art America, as well as, other print on demand sites require a secure membership sign-up; just like shoppin’ at Amazon or EBay.

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